The Old Booksmith


This section is still under development. I'm so thoroughly and deeply involved with books, it's kind of hard to know where to begin or what to say.

Note, however, that I have two book review blogs at WordPress:         

Booksmith: Opinions of a Professional Reader

This one consists of 1,200+ book reviews of all kinds, posted or published in various places over the past 15 years. New reviews are added every day or two. (Yes, I read a great deal. . . .)


Booksmith's Genealogy Book Reviews: Opinions of a Professional Genealogist

This one (which I've only recently started) will be home for several hundred of my (lengthier) book reviews published in various places over the past decade or so. New reviews are added here every week or two, as I pull them out of their hiding places (and sometimes revise them slightly for a more general audience).