The Old Booksmith


NOTE: This site has been completely reconstructed as of May 2010. Content has being ported and extensively revised from the site's old home at Tripod (about which the less said the better).

There's a considerable amount of what I hope is useful information at this site. Some of it is genealogical, of interest to those who share the same research goals in family history. (Both my family and generally.) Some of it is historical, comprising lengthy bibliographies and other resources which will be of use to anyone with an interest (academic or not) in the same areas of history generally. Some of it is intended for those who are trying to learn to write (fiction or nonfiction) in a coherent and interesting way. And some of it is cullinary, because I like cooking and eating and going out to restaurants. All of it, though, is here because it interests me. (Why else?)

Other material will be appearing here on a more or less regular basis, so check back once in a while.

So enjoy! And I welcome comments and feedback. (Email link at the bottom of the page.)