The Old Booksmith

Glossary of Naval & Maritime Terms & Phrases
of the Late 18th & Early 19th Centuries

I've been a devotée of Napoleonic-era naval historical novels since discovering my father's collection of C. S. Forester in junior high. In the past half-century I've read all the works of every author in the genre I could find, and I long ago found it useful to make occasional notes regarding ship-handling and tactics in the Age of Sail (as well as reading a great many nonfiction books on the subject).

The following lengthy glossary is divided into thirds for convenience and in the interest of loading time.

A – F

G – Q

R – Z

NOTE: There are hundreds of types of "standard" naval knots and ropework, each with its special uses. Nearly all of these are omitted as being difficult to clearly describe in words.


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