Smith Editorial Services

Meet Bookman!

He was originally the logo of my side business, Smith Editorial Services, . . . a sort of bibliographical jack of all trades.

(The fierce-looking character standing between his legs is our copyeditor — a true terrier with a blue pencil.)

This began as a sideline source of extra income. Experienced librarians seem to possess in abundance the skills required for intelligent indexing and editing. After I retired from the library biz, I cranked up operations to something approaching a full-time level and that kept me busy for another ten years or so. In addition to copyediting and book-indexing, I also did a lot of freelance writing (mostly annual reports, brochures, etc.) and "developmental" editing, especially for doctoral candidates uneasy about their dissertations.

At that point, I decided to cut back (to retire a second time, more or less) and I stopped advertising and pursuing new clients. Nowadays, I have a handful of long-time clints — a couple of commercial publishers, a couple of academic publishers, and a couple of individual authors who come out with new books every two or three years. That givers me extra funds for our frequent vacations without messing up my tax situation too badly.

For what it's worth, I still maintain an up-to-date Credit List of most of my commercial work (excluding personal clients, out of respect for their privacy).

Because not everyone understands just what a copyeditor does — and some seem to believe you only have to push a button in Microsoft Word to create an index (NO, that isn't how it works) — I'm including some explanatory information here taken from my old advertising site.

An "editor" at a publishing house is actually what is also known as a "developmental editor." I've done this job, too, for individual clients who, um, weren't quite ready for prime time.

As I say, I haven't shut down the operation completely. Frankly, I enjoy doing editorial work. And I'm good at it. So if you have a project you need (or suspect you need) assistance with, whether personal, academic, or commercial, please do consider sending me an email inquiry. I'll be happy to discuss it with you.